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People of Cannabis

We connect brands, dispensaries and budtenders so that they can collaborate on growing retail sales.

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brands in cannabis

The Trifecta of Cannabis Growth

Superbud was built side-by-side with budtenders, brand leaders, and retail managers. Our mission is to give them the superpowers they need to win.


They're the key to retail revenue, and we built Superbud to be their best friend. Our mobile app empowers budtenders to evolve their skills, hit team goals and earn more money for their hard work.


They're the innovators that move cannabis forward. We help brand marketers build relationships with budtenders, and orchestrate ROI-focused marketing campaigns alongside their industry partners.


They're the teams that keep cannabis running. We give retail managers a data-driven playbook that helps them effortlessly manage budtenders, maximize sales performance, and build a culture focused on revenue.

The Industry

We know all of us in cannabis have our own unique challenges, but we're all connected, and those at the center of the industry can better succeed by working together. Superbud is here to empower and align the community towards shared success.
Budtenders & Brands

The budtender marketing platform

Superbud gives you direct access to budtenders, activating them as a powerful performance marketing channel for your brand. Measurably increase sales by building awareness, educating, and incentivizing retail transactions. Build your own community of brand advocates, and manage performance with insightful data and clear ROI.

Put your brand in the pocket of every budtender; stay connected and top-of-mind.
Train budtenders and track certifications. Finally quantify the expertise of your budtender network.
Continuously motivate budtenders with monthly sales incentives. Easily manage budget and track ROI.
Data & Insights
Analyze POS data, consumer insights, and budtender feedback.
Budtenders & Dispensaries

A data-driven retail playbook

Superbud puts retail performance on autopilot. We emphasize revenue growth via budtenders and help teams stay laser-focused on growth goals and operational efficiency.

Store Performance
Track store performance and leverage simple, actionable insights that help you hit your goals.
Budtender Management
Analyze budtender performance data and manage your team towards success.
Brand Relationships
Better collaborate with your brand partners. Mutually maximize their investment in your budtenders.
Build a team that's focused on growing revenue, evolving professionally and winning together.

Start supercharging your sales today.

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